Supplier Spotlight: Craig Smith Music

Our Wedding Open Day is getting ever closer, and we are looking forward to meeting the talented and professional musician Craig Smith! We managed to have a chat with him about his experience in performance and why he does...what he does!

How long have you been playing for weddings? 

I played my first wedding professionally at 16, 16 years ago now! Weddings have been my main business for a few years now and it keeps growing year-on-year. Last year I took over 120 wedding piano package bookings, so it really is an honour that so many couples trust me to help make their day really special.

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Why did you go along that path?

I had always enjoyed playing weddings. I enjoy being so central to creating an atmosphere for any part of the day, and I also relish the challenge of creating some "weddingy" versions of some quite unusual songs people request for their big day!

Do you have a set list or does it change dependent on the couple?

My repertoire includes over 12 hours of music, so I couldn't list it all if I tried! It does mean that I can adapt my set specifically to each couple, venue, age range of guests and so on. Different parts of the day require different moods, I find. For ceremonies, my ethos has always been that couples should choose their music - it has to be personal to you for your ceremony - so there has never been a list to choose from. For drinks receptions and meals, it's best to give me an idea as to the sort of thing you'd like, and from there I can adapt what I play to who is around.

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Why do you think that live music is so important for events/weddings?

For me, I think the most important aspect is music's ability to evoke memories and emotions. We've all heard songs that reminded us of a person, immediately transport us back to a favourite holiday destination! Getting involved in your song choices, particularly for ceremonies, helps you create those memories, and they'll come

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