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Sparth House is the perfect setting for your post traditional Church Wedding Ceremony.


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If you are planning to be married in a Church of England, it is a requirement that banns are read out in church before the wedding. The reading of banns isn't only a legal requirement, it's a special public occasion. When people in church hear that you have intentions to get married it is celebrated.
Banns are read in the parish where each of you lives as well as the church in which are you to be married, if this is in another parish. The banns are called on in church for three Sundays during the three months before the wedding. This isn't always the case, however, it's what usually takes place.
Getting married in local church is a very popular choice, but there could be another church that has a special significance for you.
If you regularly worship in a church outside the parish where you live, you will usually be able to get married there. If you don't worship there regularly you will normally be expected to attend services for at least six months to become eligible to be married there. If you would like to get married in a parish where neither of you resides or is a regular worshipper, you may need to talk to the parish priest.
Sparth House Hotel is available to host your Wedding Reception after the ceremony is held at a nearby Church. You will travel as Man & Wife to our beautiful Manor House and have your first celebration as a married couple. To enquire if Sparth House is available for your Wedding Reception, Get In Touch Using the Buttons below.

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